05542 Pro Startmaster Pwt5000 Digital Charger 230V

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The Startmaster PWT5000 is a powerful battery starter and charger, equipped with polarity reversal, charge timer, thermal overload protection, and ammeter for optimum performance. It is ideal for 12V / 24V AGM, GEL, Calcium and lead acid batteries offering 55amp on 12V and 27.5amp on 24V. This new generation of battery chargers features electronic over voltage protection in the charge and boost mode, it also offers digital current regulation in two modes - automatic with maintenance function and manual with automatic charge stop. Safe to use on modern vehicles, the charge function is carried out without output voltage peaks and the starter function is capable of starting modern vehicles without causing damage to the vehicles electronic devices. Equipped with charge current selector, digital ammeter, thermal overload protection, internal fuse, short circuit protection, polarity reversal and charge timer.
  • Specifications
  • 230v (16amp) supply
  • Capable of 375amp boost
  • Dual voltage - 12.0v / 24.0v
  • 55.0amp output current (12.0v)
  • 27.5amp output current (24.0v)
  • 375amp Boost Rate
  • Digital current regulation in 2 modes
  • Ideal for AGM, GEL, calcium, lead acid
  • Integrated digital ammeter, charge timer
  • Can start modern motor vehicles, avoiding risk of damage to vehicle electronic devices
  • Thermal overload and short circuit protection
  • Equipped with a charge current selector
  • Polarity reversal and internal fuse
  • Gross Weight: 20.9kg

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